Jujey's Hamburger & Fries

>> Tuesday, June 22, 2010

K so I found these on a website a while back & thought they were so cute, so I had to try them. These are not ur normal hamburger & fries....see for urself!!

How cute are these!!!!

Add a side of fries for a complete meal!!


1 box white cake mix
1 box brownie mix
1 box sugar cookie mix
Buttercream icing
Red, Green, Yellow food colouring

  • Make white cake mix according to instructions, bake in a cupcake pan. Let cool, then cut in half. These will be used as the "buns".
  • Make brownies according to instructions, bake & let cool. Using a round cookie cutter the same size as the bottoms of the cupcakes, cut out circles. These will be used as the "meat".
  • Make sugar cookies according to instructions, roll out dough & cut thin strips to resemble "french fries" sprinkle with sugar, bake & let cool.
  • Colour buttercream icing into 3 colours: Red (Ketchup), Greek (relish), & Yellow (mustard).
  • Now assemble the hamburgers as shown in the pictures above. Serve with a side of fries!
Note: I didn't use any mixes from boxes, i made it all from scratch, took me longer, but was worth it., they were too cute!!


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